Anti Aging Light Therapy

What is Anti Aging Light Therapy?

Spring Mist Spa’s Anti Aging Light Therapy uses a combination of red and green LED lights to remove signs of aging. This very effective treatment reduces wrinkles, including wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet). The treatment heals dry, sun damaged skin in need of circulation and promotes the production of collagen. Anti Aging Light Therapy is a great choice for those struggling with wrinkles, sagging skin or bags under the eyes, dilated capillaries and widened pores.


Benefits of Anti Aging Light Therapy?

Anti aging Light Therapy (LED Anti Aging Treatment) delivers light energy to the surface and inner layers of the skin. Light energy of different wavelengths (colours), have different properties. Red and green lights are known to provide anti-aging benefits to the skin. Some of the benefits of Anti-aging Light Therapy include:


 Reduction of wrinkles and fine line on the face

Reduction of wrinkles around the eyes

Tightening and toning of the skin 

Increased elasticity and firmness due to increased production of collagen 

Increased blood circulation 

Improved functioning of the lymphatic system

Healthier and younger looking skin


There is no risk of side effects and no downtime. Immediate Results that improve with each treatment.

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Why you should consider it:

Research and experience shows that red light enhances cellular metabolism. This in turn stimulates the body to produce new collagen and increase circulation. Red light also improves the functioning of the lymphatic system.  On the other hand, green light shrinks pores and improves sensitive skin. It tightens and tones skin that has lost elasticity and firmness. Green light is a very effective treatment for  sagging skin under the eyes and restores dilated capillaries. The result is younger, healthier looking skin.

Anti aging light therapy at Spring Mist Spa Milton

Anti-aging Light Therapy Prices

Service Price (face/neck): Regular: $125 per session   

Special: $85/1 session (Save $40); $220/Series of 3 (save $155); $430 Series of 6 (save $320)

Treatment frequency/quantity: A series of 3-6 treatments is performed one time per week, and then maintained monthly.

Anti aging light therapy at Spring Mist Spa Milton


No.  This treatment has no adverse reactions and no down-time. LED-emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk” due to the fact that they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure.

Clinical studies, scientific and medical research, independent testing and patient testimonials exist to prove the efficacy of Anti Aging Light Therapy. Research conducted by NASA’s space program has proven that near-infrared LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.

No. This is a completely painless, gentle, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment.

A trained skin care specialist will follow specific protocols to treat the affected areas. You will experience a feeling of relaxation, light warmth and well-being.

Yes.  Maintenance treatments are important in order to maintain your visible results.  Usually a once a month treatment is recommended, unless otherwise determined by your skin care specialist.

The skin will look and feel different after your first Anti Aging treatment: smoother and more hydrated with a natural radiant glow. However, since the device is essentially stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, the most visible results are not immediate.  Instead, results occur gradually over several weeks.  With each treatment you will see improvement.  And an effective home care regimen will be recommended that will further enhance your results.

Absolutely!  It helps strengthen and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level so it amplifies the results achieved in any facial treatment.

Yes, there is no downtime with this treatment.

Yes, Anti Aging Light Therapy does not increase photo-sensitivity.  It is recommended that you apply a good broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen every day.  Sunscreen is applied after every treatment.

While almost everyone can benefit from the use of Anti Aging Light Therapy, these treatments will have the greatest impact on skin with sluggish metabolism and slow cellular activity showing visible signs of aging. Pregnant wonmen and those with epilepsy, photo-allergy or those taking medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline) are not a candidate for this treatment. Also, if you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injections, you should not receive Anti Aging Light Therapy.