Waxing /Threading

What is Waxing /Threading?

Waxing is one of the most popular ways to remove unwanted body hair. The treatment uses warm wax and strips of tape to pull hair from their roots.

Along with waxing, threading is a Spring Mist Spa specialty. Those who are already familiar with it, swear by it. To those who are yet to discover Threading as a means of hair removal; we aren’t afraid to say that there is no better means of removing facial hair than Threading. May we add that there is no better place for Threading then Spring Mist Spa. Your eyebrows will thank you!


Threading is an ancient method of hair removal that uses a cotton thread. The technician wraps the thread around hair before gently ousting it from the skin. When it comes to facial hair removal and eyebrows shaping, Spring Mist Spa gives you the choice of Thread or Waxing.

Benefits of Waxing, Threading & Eyebrows Shaping at Spring Mist Spa

At Spring Mist Spa Milton, we are waxing and threading experts. Consider some benefits and advantages of getting waxing and threading done at Spring Mist Spa:


We follow the highest hygiene standards and practices in the business

We use the highest quality cream wax which soothes even the most sensitive skin

Our team are expert waxers; so you will feel no pain or discomfort

We guarantee best eyebrows shaping in Milton by wax or thread

Appointments available on short notice

We provide premium service at great prices

Waxing, threading and eyebrows shaping at Spring Mist Spa

Waxing at Spring Mist Spa:​

For quick hair removal on large, medium or small body parts, waxing is the most popular method. Wax removes hair from the root. This results in smoothest skin and longer lasting results. Waxing is a great option for hair removal as it has some great side benefits. The process of hair removal by wax provides physical exfoliation.  The wax strips also pull dead cells from the surface of the skin, thus leading to very smooth skin. 

If you get waxing done on a regular basis, you will notice that when hair does grow back, it will be thinner, weaker, finer, softer and more sparse. At our Milton spa, we follow the highest standards and practices in a hygienic environment. We use the highest quality cream wax which soothes even the most sensitive skin. For those looking to do eyebrows shaping, we are the experts in that. Give us a try!

Threading Prices:

Waxing, threading and eyebrows shaping at Spring Mist Spa

Wax Prices:

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