Body Treatments

What are Body Treatments?

Spring Mist Spa’s Body Treatments are a perfect treat for the body. We apply high quality masks which contain beneficial minerals and nutrients for the skin. Body scrub or body treatments are a perfect way to cleanse, soothe, nourish, hydrate, revitalize and rejuvenate your body’s skin. A body treatment will not only makes your skin smooth and supple, it will also provide health benefit for the skin and body. The treatment will draw out impurities  to detoxify your skin. Call us today to book your body treatment at Spring Mist Spa!

Benefits of Body Treatment (Body scrub)

Spring Mist Spa’s Body Treatments (sometimes known as body scrub) are indeed a luxurious experience. However they are much more than that.  

Body treatments at our spa are designed to provide your skin and body with physiological benefits. These benefits include:

intense exfoliation

Improved blood circulation

Improved lymphatic flow

Skin detoxification by drawing out impurities

Improved skin texture and firmness

Intense hydration of the skin

Open the pores and absorb beneficial minerals and other nutrients into the skin


Body treatment and body scrub at Spring Mist Spa Milton

Ready to treat yourself?

Back Treatment $120

The ideal treatment for problematic skin condition for your back. Relaxation combined with deep cleansing helps to normalize the skin, leaving it pure and visibly improved.

Minerals Body Treatment $150

A powerful and intense firming body treatment that improves your body skin by eliminating toxins and retained fluids while improving circulation for long lasting positive results.

Rahima Body Scrub (Polish) $150

Rahima” means “full of energy” and symbolizes the powerful magic of the African continent.

The deeply hydrating and conditioning body treatment with a combination of active ingredients such as Marula Oil, Fruit Seed Oil, rare extracts of the Red Tulip Tree and the Blue Lotus, a type of water lily, to moisturize and act as an antioxidant. It is both circulation-boosting and vitalizing, balancing the skin’s lipid metabolism and revitalizing the body and soul.

Dead Sea Mud Wrap $165

Brace yourself for this luxurious Dead Sea mud wrap treatment using nutrient rich mud straight from the Dead Sea.  The treatment provides all the benefits of minerals and nutrients that are found in dead sea mud. The treatment draws out toxins and impurities from the body and enriches the skin with vital minerals, salts and nutrients.  It nourishes your body to leave you fully rejuvenated.