Manicure (Nail Care)

What is a manicure (Nail Care)?

Manicures are considered an integral part of regular nail care routine at Spring Mist Spa.  During the service, we will trim, file and shape your nails. We will then push back your cuticles and massage your hands. Finally we will apply a polish of your choice to further enhance and beautify your nails and hands.

Benefits of Manicure (Nail Care)

Getting a manicure at Spring Mist Spa is a relaxing and luxurious experience. Consider it your “me time”. Regular manis as part of a nail care routine can help you to:

Enhance the beauty of your nails and hands

Maintain healthy nails, cuticles and skin

De-stress and relax while getting the service

Avoid fungal and other types of infections

promote good circulation due to hand massage


Rejuvenate your nails with a fantastic mani at Spring Mist Spa. Your happiness and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Spring Mist Mani $36

Spring Mist French Mani $48

Spring Mist Deluxe Spa Mani $44

Spring Mist Shellac Mani $48

Shellac Polish Only $28

Shellac Nourishing Remover (Hands) $20

Polish change (hands only) $17

Child Mani (10 years or younger ) $22

Paraffin Treatment on Hands $17

Add Shellac to Manicure $12


Manicure (Nail care) at Spring Mist Spa

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