Foot Care (Pedicure) Milton Spa

What is Foot Care (Pedicure)?

A pedicure at Spring Mist Spa is a luxurious spa treatment to clean, trim, buff, scrub and paint your toes. During the treatment, we will remove dead skin from your heels and bottoms of the feet. We also remove calluses as part of this treatment.

Feeling pampered and relaxed during a pedicure is part of the experience at our spa.

Spring Mist Spa offers a variety of foot treatments in the most luxurious, state of the art pedi-chairs while applying the best and most hygienic practices.

Benefits of Foot Care (Pedicure)

Your feet are the hardest working part of your body. But often they are the last part of your body you think about. That is, until they start hurting.


Feet absorb the full impact of our body weight with every step. If not cared for properly, our feet can develop many problems such as foot odor, cracked skin, corns and ingrown toenails just to name a few.


You can avoid many of these problems with a little TLC. At Spring Mist Spa, we are foot care specialists. We recommend professional foot care on a regular basis as part of your foot care routine. During your pedi treatment, our staff can identify any potential infections or issues. Feel free to visit and talk to us for no obligation advise on how to care for your feet.


All our pedis start with a warm tea tree oil and sea salt foot soak; followed by a nail trim, nail file, cuticle pushback and cleaning, callus removal and foot massage. At the end of the treatment, you will feel de-stressed and have softer skin.

Pedicure foot care at Spring Mist Spa Milton


Spring Mist Pedicure  $49

Spring Mist French Pedicure $65

Spring Mist Spa Pedicure $65 (Spa pedi Includes exfoliation and paraffin treatment)

Spring Mist Shellac Pedicure  $60

Child Pedicure ( 10 years or younger) $30

Diabetic Pedicure  $55


Paraffin Treatment for feet $20

Polish Change on toes $28

Add Shellac to Pedi $14

Extra Callus Work $25

Shellac Nourishing Remover (toes) $25


Ready to treat yourself?

Our Milton Spa specializes in diabetic foot care..

Pedicure foot care at Spring Mist Spa Milton

At Spring Mist Spa, we exercise specific protocols for diabetic feet. The health and safety of your feet is paramount to us. That’s why we follow only the highest standards in cleanliness. Spring Mist Spa’s diabetic Pedicures feature:

Aestheticians fully trained in diabetic foot care
Use of best practices in equipment and instrument sanitation
“pipeless” chairs, to prevent bacteria growth
State of the art, most comfortable massage chairs
Use of specific lotion and products for diabetic feet
Use of specific protocol for diabetic feet