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Winter is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal

Each year as summer approaches, we start thinking about looking good in our swim suits during summer vacations and visits to the beach or lake. For many of us, looking good in a tiny swimsuit or bikini also means having smooth skin free of unwanted hair, stubble, razor burns or ingrown hair. So that’s when we start considering laser hair removal to attain smooth hair-free skin.

IPL Laser Hair Removal Milton - Spring Mist Spa

Did you know that it takes about 6 to 8 months or longer to get rid of your unwanted hair using laser hair removal treatments? So if you want to become free of unwanted hair by summer of 2018, then winter of 2017/18 is the best time to start your laser hair removal treatment.

Having a tan on your skin while undergoing laser hair removal treatment can undermine the effectiveness of the treatment. It can also cause your skin to absorb excessive energy during your treatment, causing it to burn. You must protect your skin from sun and UV exposure during laser treatments. Starting your treatment in fall and continuing through winter will make it easier to avoid sun exposure as we are fully covered during colder months.

So if you wish to get rid of unwanted hair by next summer, the time to start your treatment is now.

Spring Mist Spa Milton has become the go-to place in Milton for IPL Laser Hair Removal due to our affordable prices and superior service. Our treatments are gentle, pain free and comfortable. At our Milton spa we treat all skin types – from very light to very dark at most competitive prices.

All our treatments begin with a complimentary consultation session. If we accept you as a hair removal patient, your results are guaranteed.

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Sarah Syed is a beauty expert and the Owner of Spring Mist Spa in Milton. She can be reached by email at info@springmistspa.com.