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Photo Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy

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LED facialTherapy, originally developed by NASA, is a very effective method to treat various skin problems such as ACNE, AGED SKIN, HYPER PIGMENTATION, ROSACEA AND BROKEN CAPILLARIES. This therapy works by sending low emission impulses of light onto the skin. The results are long lasting and are visible with the treatment; however a series of treatments is recommended for  cumulative benefit.

Photo Rejuvenation LED light Therapy Benefits:

  • Minimizes fine lines and wrinkles (crow’s feet)
  • Effective treatment for acne by killing bacteria and viruses
  • Effective treatment for abnormal pigmentation
  • Speeds up the process of wound healing, sagging skin, and even mood and sleep disorders
  • Improves Skin Tone and Clarity
  • Reduces pores sizephoto_reju 4
  • Reduces Sun Damaged Skin, age spots on hands and face
  • Increases collagen production
  • Effective treatment for dilated capillaries
  • Reduces Redness/Flushing/Inflammation
  • Increase production of red blood cells
  • Increase the production of ATP and activity of DNA/RNA
  • Beneficial to ALL skin types and for both men and women
  • Increases Lymphatic drainage drainage to facilitate toxin removal

What is a Photo Rejuvenation LED light Therapy Facial?

Photo Rejuvenation LED light Therapy is a technology based skin treatment that uses specific wavelengths of natural light energy to restore skin’s normal, healthy activity.

How does it work?

Photo Rejuvenation treatment delivers light energy to the surface and inner layers of the skin. Light energy of different wavelengths (colours), has different properties. Research and experience shows that Blue light kills bacteria and viruses that cause acne. On the other hand, red light enhances cellular metabolism.  This in turn stimulates the body to build new collagen, increases circulation, and improves the functioning of the lymphatic system.  The result is younger, healthier looking skin.

Spring Mist Spa uses 7 different light wavelengths (colours), depending on the skin malady. Each colour is used to treat specific skin issues. Often combinations of colours are used.

LED Lights and their uses: (although many times we use a combination of colors)photo_reju 5

 Blue: Deployed for acneic skin. Also helps with dehydration, destroys acne bacteria by setting off a cascade of cellular activity that creates a deadly environment for acne.

Red: Used for aging skin. Also ideal for dry, sun damaged skin in need of circulation and promotion of collegen firmness.

Yellow:  Treats  sensitive skin. Helps to reduce redness and inflammation of all kinds as well as edema and rosacea. It targets dark spots and inhibits melanin production. Yellow also improves lymphatic function.

Green:  shrinks pores and improves sensitive skin. It tightens and tones skin that has lost elasticity and firmness such as sagging skin under the eyes. It is also used for treating dilated capillaries.

Purple:  constrains the growth of unwanted hair. It also increases cell regeneration.

Cyan: is an anti-inflammatory agent for the skin. It is used for reducing the size of swollen capillaries. It provides a soothing, calming, and healing effect that boosts other treatments.

White:  This wavelength is used for targeting fine lines and crow’s feet, and all around skin improvement.

Is there proof that this technology works?photo_reju 2

Clinical studies, scientific and medical research, independent testing and patient testimonials exist to prove the efficacy of Light-Therapy. Research conducted by NASA’s space program has proven that near-infrared LED light therapy promotes wound healing and human tissue growth.

Are there any adverse effects from this treatment?

No.  This treatment has no adverse reactions and no down-time. LED-emitting devices are classified by the FDA as possessing “non-significant risk” due to the fact that they are completely safe and possess no possibility of harm from over-exposure.

Is the process abrasive or painful?

No. A LED treatment is a gentle, painless, safe, non-invasive and non-abrasive treatment.

How is the treatment administered?

A trained skin care specialist will follow specific protocols to treat the face, neck, and upper chest areas.  Even the hands may be treated.  You will experience a feeling of relaxation, light warmth and well-being.

What is the recommended schedule for the LED Facial Series?
Depending on age and the condition of the skin, the manufacturer recommends a series of 8-15 treatments done weekly or bi-weekly, followed by regular monthly maintenance. Your skin specialist will help you determine how many initial treatments will be most beneficial.

Photo Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy vs. Laser/IPL

LED offers a more complete coverage for a longer period of time. IPL treatment head sizes are generally tiny compare dto the LED head size, which delivers a more effective doze of energy . LED stimulates the cells for a longer period of time, typically 20 minutes or longer, whereas with laser/IPL the cells are only stimulated for a fraction of a second. LED therapy works with the skin, not against it. LED therapy is non-thermal  and non-invasive. No infra-red or ultra-violet light is used and unlike laser/IPL, LED offers immediate results with zero post treatment problems.

Do I need maintenance treatments?

Yes.  Maintenance treatments are important in order to maintain your visible results.  Usually a once a month treatment is recommended, unless otherwise determined by your skin care specialist.  Maintenance treatments take 60 minutes and include a full, comprehensive facial.

How soon can I expect to see results?

The skin looks different after the first treatment: smoother and more hydrated with a natural radiant glow. However, since the device is essentially stimulating the body’s natural healing mechanisms, the most visible results are not immediate.  Instead, results occur gradually over several weeks.  With each treatment you will see improvement.  And an effective home care regimen will be recommended that will further enhance your results.Acne before and after

Is the Photo-Rejuvenation Facial a good complement to other skin care treatments?

Absolutely!  It helps strengthen and rejuvenate the skin at a cellular level so it amplifies the results achieved in any facial treatment.

Can I put my make-up back on immediately?

Yes, there is no downtime with this treatment.

Can I go out in the sun after this treatment?

Yes, the treatment does not increase photo-sensitivity.  It is recommended that you apply a broad spectrum UVA and UVB sunscreen every day.  Sunscreen is applied after every treatment.

Can I undergo Microcurrent treatment while being treated with LED?

Yes, they work synergistically to increase collagen and elastin and improve the skin’s circulation.  Microcurrent gives you the added benefit of muscle re-education and toning.

Is the Photo Rejuvenation LED Light Therapy for everyone?

While almost everyone can benefit from the use of light therapy, these treatments will have the greatest impact on skin with sluggish metabolism and slow cellular activity showing visible signs of aging. Contraindications for light therapy include pregnancy and epilepsy, photo-allergy, and medications that cause light sensitivity (such as Tetracycline). Also, if you are currently taking steroids or cortisone injections, you should not receive light therapy.

Service Price (face/neck): $85/1 session; $220/Series of 3 (save $35); $430 Series of 6 (save $80)

Treatment frequency/quantity:  A series of 3-6 treatments is performed one time per week, and then maintained monthly. This service is utilized for the face and neck .
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